first one take I and II


Before starting the sound recording I put a warning sign in the place’s door.

*This room will be in recording between 12h30am – 1pm. You will make part of a sound experiment.
Thank you. windomearle

Equipment used in the takes:



non-human voices

These are some voice experiences I recorded using the following excerpt from the walk’s text “The Missing Voice: Case Study B” (1999) by Janet Cardiff:

“Sometimes I don’t really know what the stories in my walks are about. Mostly they are a response to the location, almost as if the site were a Rorschach test that I am interpreting. For me, The Missing Voice was partly a response to living in a large city like London for a while, reading about its history in quiet libraries, seeing newspaper headlines as I walked by the new stands, overhearing gossip, and being a solitary person lost amongst the masses. Normally, I live in a small town in Canada, so the London experience enhanced the paranoia that I think is common to a lot of people, especially women, as they adjust to a strange city. I was trying to relate to the listener the stream-of-consciousness scenarios that I constantly invent in my mind when I see someone pass or walk down a dark alley.”